21 Februari 2021

Daftar Buku Bagus yang Pernah Kubaca

List buku-buku bagus untuk dibaca (kurekomendasikan).

Buku berbahasa Inggris:

1. Why does he do that?

2. Out of the fog

3. How to spot a dangerous man before you get involved

4. Reflection of a man

5. The one thing

6. Switch

7. Factfulness

8. It's not you, it's him

9. It was the best of sentences, it was the worst of sentences

10. The 5 second rules

11. The power of habit

12. Tiny habits

13. Love me, don't leave me

14. Manipulation

15. Ignore the guy, get the guy

16. You lost him at hello

17. The emotionally absent mother

18. Higher unlearning

19. The compound effect

20. Never chase men again

21. The 12 week year

22. The magic question

23. Think straight

24. In sheep's clothing

25. The luck factor

26. Confident you

27. Boundaries in dating

28. I thought i was the crazy one

29. Kick the jerk out of your life 

30. How to avoid falling in love with a jerk

31. The science of happily ever after

32. Eight dates

33. Option B

34. Neuromarketing

35. Buyologi

36. Predictably Irrational

37. Highly happy marriages

38. You'll got through anything

39. Falling in love

40. Dr. Seth's love prescription

41. The sociopath next door

42. Get great trips for free

43. 5 types of people who can ruin your life

44. Dangerous personalities

44. He's just no good for you

45. 9 must have conversation for a doubt-free wedding day

46. Stop being lonely

47. Mr. unavailable & the fallback girl

48. UpDating

49. How to write funny

50. Living with the passive aggressive man

51. The almanack of Naval Ravikant

52. Decisive

53. Speed reading: quadruple your reading speed in an afternoon

54. Start right where you are

55. How to be everything

56. Learning how to learn

57. Riches in niches

58. But he says he loves me

59. Feeling good, the new mood therapy

60. Rejection free

61. Do < Get > (Do Less Get More)

62. The kaizen way

63. Wabi sabi love

64. The paradox of choice

65. The 80/20 principle

66. Great people decisions

67. Small habits, big changes

68. Smart choices

69. Speedwealth

70. Mini habits

71. Pivot

72. Conquer fear!

73. The complex PTSD workbook

74. The art of money getting, or golden rules for making money

75. Self-confidence (Paul McGee)

76. Help with negative self-talk

77. How to love (Thich Nhat Hanh)

78. Assertiveness (Judy Murphy)

76. Codependent No More

77. The single woman: life, love, and a dash of sass

78. Skip the guilt trap

79. Habit triggers

80. Habits of a happy brain

81. The acorn principle

82. Two awesome hours

83. The nice girl syndrome

84. Red flags! how to know when you're dating a loser"

85. Writing without bullshit

86. Lasting relationships (Myron Brenton)

87. Deal breakers (Bethany Marshall)

88. Lose that loser and find the right guy

89. Mr. Alexander's Four Steps to Love

90. 54 Practical Tips for Dealing with Psychopaths and Narcissists

91. The mate map

92. You don't owe anyone

93. Budget don't work, but this does

94. The little black book of big red flags

95. Narcissistic mothers

96. 17 anti procrastination hacks

97. 108 proven split test winners

98. Championship writing

99. Dating a narcissist

100. Danger: 50 things you should not do with a narcissist

101. It all begins with self

102. Do it today

103. Do epic shit

104. Mind management, not time management

105. How to choose a partner (Susan Quilliam)

106. Do it tomorrow

107. How not to worry

108. Company of one

109. Finding your perfect match

110. Date ... or soulmate?

111. Red flags (Brian Nox)

112. Think smart, act smart

113. Recovery from trauma, addiction, or both

114. Never date a dead animal

115. How to attract good luck

116. He's not going to call

117. Think out of the box

118. The science of rapid skill acquisition

Buku berbahasa Indonesia:

1. Hiburlah dirimu dengan sholat

2. Orang-orang yang setia

3. When friendship hurts

4. Casanova syndrome

5. Quiet

6. Kamu memang nggak bakal ngerti

7. Mind over money

8. Nothing to lose

Ntar mungkin kalo ingat atau ada tambahan di-update lagi.

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